Hi, I'm Robey Lawrence (like 'Robey' wan Kenobi).
I'm a WordPress website consultant at Bearded Friend, living in Port Macquarie with my wife Mel and pup Oakey. The beauty of what I do means that I don't have to live anywhere specific to deliver good work to people anywhere. Port (as the locals call it) is a family friendly town almost halfway between Brisbane and Sydney on the NSW East coast, with plenty of beaches, bushwalks and cool places to explore.

I handle the design and development part of the website builds too, but the I say 'consultant' because that's the part I enjoy the most, and the part that I see getting missed quite a bit in the industry. 

That bit right at the beginning of a project, before you even talk about design, or plugins, or SEO. The WHY. Why do you need a website, or better still, why do your customers need your website? What information needs to be on it, or NOT on it? How will they navigate it to find what they need? How do they know that they've found the right business? etc..

I help to organise the free WordPress Port Macquarie meetup group that runs every month in town, as my way of contributing to the local tech and small business community. It's a great way to share knowledge and meet people in the same industry so we can help each other grow. Collaboration is a much better alternative to Competition in my opinion.

I build websites for a living, so I thought I'd better have one too.
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